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We focus on the fundamental human skills and emotional intelligence required for exceptional performance in the workplace of today and tomorrow.

Through our innovative, award-winning training programmes and events, we are able to combine skills coaching, engagement, leadership development, wellbeing, inclusion and confidence-building in one place.

We Focus on Fundamental Human Skills and Emotional Intelligence


Our Approach

Since 2015, Debate Mate has been disrupting the traditional world of professional learning and development.

The skills we teach are universally valuable and applicable. However, we appreciate that people learn in different ways, have different priorities and therefore require different approaches. Our expert facilitators provide instantaneous, personalised feedback, and enable participants to make progress in real time.

We strongly believe in the power of learning by doing. All of our engagements are high-touch, fully interactive and tailored to the organisation and cohort we’re working with. Our sessions are learner-centred, facilitator-led and participant-driven.

The skills we teach and the content we cover are genuinely practical and immediately applicable to the target cohort’s specific world of work. Unlocking core confidence has a compound impact and enables participants to develop in other areas beyond communication and leadership

Our Impact on Your Business

Everybody’s journey with Debate Mate is different, but our programmes are proven to achieve the following outcomes for our partners:

For Organisations

For Professionals & Individuals

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Global Director of Communications

"The Debate Mate Workshop was amazing, and they packed such a punch in a short amount of time"

"It may not seem possible to create a team bonding experience that’s fun, educational, connective and at the same time provides an opportunity to give back. Their Boardroom to Classroom program helps teams of professionals hone their communication, confidence and leadership skills"
Head of Early & Middle Careers

“Debate Mate continues to provide highly impactful and energising training here at bp. What’s unique is their ability to tailor their offering to different populations seamlessly. Would highly recommend"

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