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Debate Mate designs and delivers world-class communication and leadership training for professionals of all backgrounds, personalities, industries and roles.

We put the human first, focusing on the skills, approaches and mindsets that enable people to perform at their best. 

Our programmes, delivered by dynamic and diverse facilitators, are inclusive, supportive and challenging in equal measure.

“Great leaders communicate, and great communicators lead”


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Our Services

Debate Mate’s unique approach to communication and leadership training allows us to add value to the full spectrum of organisations and professionals. Our programmes are equally impactful in-person, virtual or via a hybrid model.

The Complete Communicator

Our flagship programme provides participants with the full suite of Debate Mate skills via an in-depth, hyper-personalised eight-part programme.

The Confident Communicator

An intensive four-part programme provides participants with the fundamentals of the Debate Mate approach, combining group workshops and personalised consultation sessions.


We provide expert consultancy for HR and learning leaders who are looking for innovative solutions as part of their people strategy.

Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching programmes, led by world-class experts, are designed for individual professionals looking to elevate their communication and leadership skills through a truly personalised experience.


Supercharging a specific skill in a fast-paced environment.

Boardroom to Classroom

Our award-winning Boardroom to Classroom programme brings together professionals and young people in an authentic, impactful, mutually beneficial way.

What Our Partners Say

HR Business Partner
Standard Chartered Bank

"Debate Mate delivered a workshop series to help with the implementation of our D&I strategy for groups from our Global Financial Markets Team. I was expecting the training to be good, but I didn't expect it to be as good as it was. There were a number of senior participants in the room who could have been skeptical, but the sessions were very well received, and the impact it had on those in the room was clear. The programme was a great success"
Senior Audit Partner

"The Debate Mate training workshops were incredibly successful. 3000 of our professionals, from Assistant Managers up to Directors, learnt real-life business skills that have undoubtedly added value to their personal skills set and to the firm. They enjoyed it so much that the vast majority of the participants said they’d recommend it to colleagues and are still enthusing about it – 6 months later. Processing complex information quickly on your feet and influencing with confidence are invaluable in today’s corporate world"
The Process

True to our belief that excellent communication starts with listening and understanding, our training is bespoke and designed in response to our partners’ unique needs. While our experience and expertise mean we know what works, no one knows your company better than you.

To ensure we meet and exceed our partners’ specific needs, we spend time listening and learning about the target cohort’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as any particular priorities that senior management, HR, Learning & Development or other stakeholders may have. We seek to understand any cultural or organisational dynamics that might impact the design of our programmes.

We’re good listeners and pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding our briefs each and every time. But no-one gets everything 100% right first-time. Therefore, we work closely with our partners to ensure we continue to design and refine our programmes to take account of changing circumstances or shifting priorities.

Our programmes are typically delivered in small groups, with a heavy emphasis on learning by doing. We are able to adapt in real-time, ensuring that we calibrate our style, speed and focus of our delivery to the specific individuals we are working with.

We provide continuous, instantaneous, personalised feedback throughout all of our engagements.

We continually monitor and evaluate the progress of our participants. This takes a number of forms, both objective and subjective, and includes facilitator and self-led assessment. 

After all of our programmes, we provide our partners, and often individual participants, with a report of their performance and progress.

We are acutely aware of the importance of continual learning and development in the workplace. We recognise that communication – like any skill – is a discipline, and requires consistent focus and attention in order to make sustained progress. As such, our sessions are designed to engender a core confidence in each participant by introducing easy-to-understand tips and techniques which can be implemented by participants the moment each engagement ends.

This approach fosters a culture of excellent communication within teams, and organisations as a whole, and ensures key skills can be continually developed even outside of our workshops.

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