2️⃣ Communication 2️⃣

Recent research from LinkedIn shows that the 2nd on the list of ‘Most In-Demand Skills for 2023’ is #Communication. So why are employers and HR professionals putting so few resources toward developing these skills in their workforce?

Harvard University conducted research that showed that 85% of career success: #employment rate, chances of #promotion and job #stability, comes from well developed soft skills – #integrity#initiative and #tact. We find it shocking that companies are only spending 28% of their employee training budget on developing these.

Ironically, the soft skills that managers are currently seeking are the ones that are the hardest to develop – not least because little resource is being allocated to nurturing employees’ confidence in the workplace. The soft skills that are in demand – #empathy#communication and #resilience – are difficult to foster without dedicating considerable time and money to them. These skills cannot be developed without the fundamental confidence in our own ability and competence. 

At @DebateMate, we focus on developing participants’ core confidence in communicating, both with preparation and in the moment. Our Workshops provide participants with a tool kit for how to present themselves in the most coherent manner and how to listen to their colleagues with empathy.

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