Is vulnerability the most important leadership skills?

This was the question posed in the Debate Mate facilitated debate at the annual Omniwoman Summit. A fantastic panel of speakers including industry experts Cyndall McInerney and Sean Betts, debated in mixed teams with our show stopper students from Sacred Heart School in Camberwell, and Debate Mate world class debaters Ade O. and Zarina Bell-Gam. It was a real honour to co-chair with the fantastic Katie Jackson and in front of such a switched on and impressive audience from across the Omnicom Media Group. The floor debate could have continued into the afternoon with the thought provoking points that were raised! It was a pleasure to work with such experts in their industries in the breakout sessions too. Thank you Jessica Roberts Natalie Bell and the rest of the team for including us. What a refreshing look a leadership and company culture in the 21st century.