To lead tomorrow, learn today

Only 62% of respondents (U.K. employees) are ready to learn new skills to remain employable in the future. This compares to 77% globally.

British companies, and U.K. plc more broadly, are in danger of losing their competitive advantage unless we rediscover our love of learning. While the rest of the world seems less at risk of this happening, 77% still doesn’t bode particularly well. 

Learning isn’t something to be done in the margins of the day job, it is the day job. What’s more, if we don’t prioritise it today, then we will certainly regret it tomorrow.

It’s going to take a collective effort on behalf of companies, providers such as Debate Mate, academic institutions and government to put learning back where it belongs – at the top of the agenda. 

Every company lists ‘their people’ as their greatest asset, and what sets them apart. For this to be true, and to continue, there needs to be a radical shift in how learning is designed, delivered and communicated across the board. The message needs to be clear: if you want to lead tomorrow, you must learn today. 

At Debate Mate, we provide opportunities for everyone to learn – from the classroom to the boardroom. Our approach is dynamic, engaging and, importantly, the learning is easy to implement, meaning it is more sustainable. Join us in our mission, to make sustained learning at the core of business and beyond!