What We Are Noticing About Graduates

🎓 Are your interns and graduates lacking in confidence, professionalism and teamwork skills?

A recent Financial Times article (linked in the comments below) shed light on the unprecedented challenges that current and incoming graduates are struggling with. We have noticed, much like the companies we work with, that interns and incoming graduates say they are:

❎less confident, 
❎prefer not to speak up in meetings, 
❎less collaborative 
❎less keen to network. 

These problems are exacerbated by the new world of hybrid working we find ourselves in. As we are all trying to navigate online communication, interns and graduates are at a larger disadvantage as they have fewer opportunities to practice the important communication skills which they seem to be lacking.

Sound familiar?

Debate Mate’s corporate training provides the solution to the whole suite of issues that are being faced by graduate recruiters, HR professionals and line managers. Our leadership and communication training programmes provide a unique blend of tangible skills participants are able to take away and implement straight away in their professional lives. Additionally, by providing low stakes environments, whether online or in-person, participants are able to practice the learning whilst receiving thorough feedback from our world-class team of facilitators. 

So, if you want your incoming graduates to improve their core confidence, be able to speak up in meetings, learn how to actively listen and collaborate effectively, get in touch to find out how we can enhance your learning and development!